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GAAYBHAIS.COM (गायभैंस.कॉम) website is helpful to the farmers in buying and selling of agricultural needs, agriculture commodities, agricultural products and cattle such as milking cows, buffalos, goats etc. Operators of GAAYBHAIS.COM (गायभैंस.कॉम) website are neither involved in the selling nor buying of these products. The GAAYBHAIS.COM (गायभैंस.कॉम) website is operated by highly qualified sons and daughters of farmers having parental knowledge of farming, farm products and animal husbandry. These highly qualified professionals (operators) offer free usage of GAAYBHAIS.COM (गायभैंस.कॉम) website to the farmers and sellers of products useful to farmers who accept the terms and conditions of the website. Posting agro-commodity to this website is free. It is like a agro-commerce exchange (market) open for 24X7 hours for buying and selling of farmers’ requirements, farmers’ products and cattle.


Willing seller of cattle, like buffalos and cows, expresses willingness to sell cattle to known persons, neighbours and other colleagues. This means of advertisement has limited reach. Seller has to uncertainly wait for buyer. There is very less possibility to get the genuine buyer at right time. Sometimes farmer(s) desperately sell(s) cattle at low price in the want of money in urgency. Other means of advertisements are so costly that cannot be bear by any individual. Similarly buyer of cattle moves around villages and door to door in search of seller of cattle of his interest. A lot of times waste in this activity. After tiredness, he is forced to buy within limited availability. He also did not get consultation from his family/ relatives, in choosing of quality cattle due to buying place is far away from his home. If purchased cattle did not meet the aspiration of the buyer then it becomes cause of confrontation among family members and relatives and buyer feels cheated. Sometimes buyer get cheated by middleman also. Same problems are faced by farmers in buying and selling of other produces like, fodders, Milks, cottage cheese, grains and second hand farming tools and vehicles.


Advertised articles on GAAYBHAIS.COM (गायभैंस.कॉम) website become visible uniformly from any place through internet. Buyer can choose cattle or article of his choice and paying capacity from a range of advertised items available on the GAAYBHAIS.COM (गायभैंस.कॉम) website. GAAYBHAIS.COM ((गायभैंस.कॉम) website provide a common platform to buyers and sellers of cattle and agro-product of farmers needs through internet access from home. GAAYBHAIS.COM (गायभैंस.कॉम) website removes almost unavailability of information about cattle and agro-products. The process of buying and selling will be same as usual.

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